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Thank you for stopping by. Please allow me a moment to introduce myself and Soul Substance.  Soul Substance is an online magazine created to inspire readers to a healthy life-style – Mind, Body & Spirit. Motivated by my passion to empower others, I started Soul Substance as a means to share positive images, insightful information and daily quotes. The blog later grew to include the latest news stories and entertainment related to discovering and living your best life. It is my intention to build a fun and interactive internet presence that nourishes the total being. I invite you to explore the site and join the conversation on topics that most interest you.


 About Shunta

39th birthday

I am Shunta Gentry, a happily married mother of four. I have to admit that my family is my greatest accomplishment, hands down. Lucky for me, the joys of family life far out weigh the frustrations. Only it’s usually the frustrations that inspire the quest for more. The inspiration for Soul Substance is a result of my personal search for fulfillment and truth. On this journey, I’ve acquired information that has totally transformed my life. I wanted a way to share this information with others in hopes of inspiring an awakening in them as well. I decided that the easiest way to accomplish my goal was to start a blog. I believe that what you give to others you also give to yourself. So through this space, I hope that you find something that brings joy, laughter, and inspiration to your life on a daily basis.

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